October 2002

Good news & bad news

October 31, 2002

this morning, i picked up my brand new car and the sad irony is that this is the one piece of good news in ages i would like to tell my grandma in a letter, but she is in the hospital in ICU. she had a heart attack at 3 in the morning. she couldn’t […]


Every good boy does fine

October 29, 2002

mostly, really, it’s just hormones coupled with nerves and a lack of patience. by this time next week, i expect i will have calmed down considerably. i’ll be able to focus on perfecting the hot toddy, finding the perfect brown boots and planning my uk holiday. i know it’s fall because when i leave the […]



October 28, 2002

after weighing all my baggage and measuring all the options, after making mistakes and learning from them, after taking stock in who i am and what i have and where i want to go, i realize that all it comes down to is: i don’t want to grow up. while it may seem charming and […]



October 23, 2002

i don't read enough. for someone who fancies herself a writer, who is so in love with words, who would like someday to be a name on the spine on a shelf, i just don't. but that doesn't stop me from starting several books at once, buying more books i intend to someday read and […]


Dear Paul

dear paul, can i call you paul? i know you go by PT these days, but i just can’t bring myself to do it. i also like paul thomas, but that sounds too much like a soap opera name. so, paul it is. so, paul, i have to confess that i’ve had a crush on […]


This is not an option

October 19, 2002

something’s gotta gonna change.



October 16, 2002

my car broke down last night, and so did i. i was laughing with diana one minute and i was resting my head against the steering wheel the next. my car wouldn’t start, so she gave me a ride to claudia’s house and miha drove me home and helen took me to work this morning. […]


Help me help you

October 15, 2002

i don’t care what they tell you on TV or at the mall or in the fashion magazines: the mullet is not a good idea. no, it’s not ironic. it’s moronic. it’s unkempt. and it’s just not attractive. sometimes, i want to go around with scissors, thin strips of fabric and bulky wool sweaters. i’d […]


Billy Collins

October 14, 2002

i can't get over how amazing billy collins is. i mean, yes, okay, he's the u.s. poet laureate. of course he's good. everyone knows he's good. but, oh, i feel like i did when i was in junior high and i first heard r.e.m. or read e.e. cummings, like i had discovered my own secret […]


Kissing in Manhattan

October 13, 2002

the only really productive thing i did today was curl up in the big green chair, drink two cups of coffee and read kissing in manhattan, by david schickler. it was, as i’d heard, sharp and funny and touching. it also marked the end of the book drought, i.e., a period in which i am […]


The Vibe

October 11, 2002

he says i’m giving off The Vibe. i laughed when he first told me that — i’ve never given off any vibe and i wouldn’t even know how — but now i’m beginning to think he’s right. The Vibe is the antithesis of really bad B.O. instead of people slowly scooting away from you because […]


London calling

October 10, 2002

all i remember about london is good chinese food, rows of coats for under twenty bucks, one perfect moment and the coldest wind i have ever met in my life. there was no big ben, no tate modern, no buckingham palace, no tower of london, no fish, no chips, no guiness, no tea. but i’m […]



dooce! it rhymes with “dude!” as in, “dude, this site is, like, the best ever, and the chick who runs it is an f-in' riot.”


Will Kemp

October 9, 2002

the boy in the gap commercial, who shakes and struts and runs his fingers through his hair. yeah, him. well, hot damn is all i have to say. i found out today his name is will kemp, but these headshots just do not do him justice.


He loves me, he loves me not

October 8, 2002

a summer’s day at the local nursery (?)


Boy at the gas pump

blahgirlx: oh, so do you want to hear about today's crush? emilyann: oooh yes yes blahgirlx: it is miniscule but got me giddy blahgirlx: i was driving home and had to stop and get gas blahgirlx: so i was making a left turn at a yellow-turned-red light and this car sped up behind me and […]


Just when you thought it was over

October 5, 2002

i threw my luggage down, shoved my clothes off the bed and onto the floor and climbed under my covers when i got home at 11 this morning. the exhaustion of everything hit me all at once. just as everything was turning blurry and silent, the phone rang. it was claudine. i hadn’t talked to […]


Seedless red grapes

seedless red grapes at 77 cents a pound. eating by the window. gerber daisies on the table. cool breeze and setting sun. no place i’ve gotta be and all the time in the world.


Old man Johnny

October 2, 2002

old man johnny gave me hope last saturday, coupled with a wink and a smile. he was sitting at the left end of the diner counter and chatted me and tonia up the moment we sat down. “everything’s good here,” he said, as we thumbed through the menu. “everything.” “oh, you’ve been here before?” tonia […]


My best friend’s wedding

this time, it’s all different. there will be no bouquet to dodge, there will be no taffeta or satin puddles around my ankles, there will be nary a bobbie pin nor curl in my hair. tonia’s getting married, and i am wearing a black cocktail dress with strappy shoes and dark red toenail polish. and […]


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