May 2001


May 30, 2001

hint: sometimes i just stick things in places, hoping you’ll trip over them. i’ve been known to slip funny notes in your shoes or little surprises at the bottom of your bag. i try to add paintings or phrases to the margins or archive page of this site, so that next time you reload you […]


Hello, summer, please come quick

May 28, 2001

today started the way all sundays should, with coffee and the paper and a phone call with a faraway friend. it was followed with a thick slice of banana french toast and pile of apple-smoked bacon, saturated photographs and a bubble wrap airplane and, naturally, a good dose of girltalk. just as i was lamenting […]


Week of letters: Afterword

May 27, 2001

one person called this a “grand artistic endeavor,” and while that sounds nice and lofty, i don’t think it was all too grand or artistic at all. it was just an experiment to see how i express myself to the people i love and how it feels to share that with a larger audience. it […]


Week of letters: Day 7

May 26, 2001

From: christine castro To: rrm. Subject: desperately seeking inspiration Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 20:07:31 r. what do you do when you are running out of things to say? xo, c. : christine castro : :


Week of letters: Day 6

May 25, 2001

24 may 2001 @ 10:14pm hi, missy. i just got back from church and i’m wiped. my back aches, my allergies are acting up and i have this strange splinter on my heel — i feel like a grandma more than ever. (“oh my aching back!”) you know what sounds perfect after a day like […]


Week of letters: Day 5

May 24, 2001

Week of letters: Day 4

May 23, 2001

22 may 2001 dear tom2. i’m finding it very difficult to concentrate right now. i’m sitting at a coffeehouse by my house, but instead of it being the quiet place i was hoping for, it is completely distracting. to my left is a gay couple discussing religion at great length. to my right are two […]


Week of letters: Day 3

May 22, 2001

21 may 2001 @ 10:30pm hey, lady. it’s late, and i’m wired, and i should be in bed with this inch-thick work document, prepping for a 9am meeting, but of course not. i’m drinking coffee, listening to belle & sebastian and writing. i’m becoming my old self again! hey, wait. actually, aren’t you coming home […]


Week of letters: Day 2

May 21, 2001

20 may 2001 dear grandma, last night i went to an asian american film festival (where they show short and long movies written by young filmmakkers) and saw one about a girl’s grandmother and i thought of you. how are you? i am doing very well, so well that i wonder how i got so […]


Week of letters: Day 1

May 20, 2001

19 may 2001 @ 12:01pm. dearest ani, i just dug through my shoebox of stationary to find some pretty paper on which to write and found this pad that vaguely reminds me of fruit stripe gum. i’m writing with a new pen — the uni-ball VISION EXACT(TM) — which i (dare i say it) like […]


Week of letters

May 19, 2001

the idea, like all ideas, came in a flash. no! a lightbulb, flickering above my head, on tuesday night. and then it floated — right? because ideas float — into my head where it’s been floating ever since. until this morning, when i got one of the best letters ever from my girl ani, which […]


I’m going crazy, won’t you come along?

May 16, 2001

i’m a complete mess. i have a bruise on my upper thigh and i don’t know where i got it. i left the key in the door last night — all night — and it took me all morning to realize where they were. i keep having dreams about people i don’t even want to […]


Bad poetry, good luck

May 14, 2001

tomorrow night i am reading some words and rima is singing some songs, so tonight we had a dress rehearsal in our living room — “dress rehearsal,” i called it, but really we were in our pajamas and i can assure you i won’t be performing in those. my pieces, of course, were mostly sad […]


Nothing to say but Wow

May 11, 2001

i have a new favorite place to sit. it’s this big cushy chair in the corner of our apartment that looks out a window. the window looks out into our backyard. our backyard has flowering trees. when the window is open, which is every night now that summer looms, a breeze brings in the smell […]


Welcome to my daily existence

May 8, 2001

these days, i pay very close attention to signs. i stop, look and listen to everything around me because i don’t want to miss anything. if i left everything up to me, i’d sit there plotting charts and imagining every possible scenario before even attempting to make a decision or any kind of progress. i […]


Zestfully clean

May 6, 2001

i’m sitting indian-style on hard wood, staring down at the keyboard that is resting on my lap. the floor is my desk. it’s also my bed, my dresser and my cabinets. this afternoon, after they left, i dumped my blankets and comforters on the floor and collapsed on top of them. the sun was shining […]


Good things

May 4, 2001

last night, we sat on the wooden patio set at the corner of weyburn and broxton, sipping almond milky tea with boba, watching the cars go by. and go by. and go by. we talked about our weekends, giggling and sighing and supposing, and whatever happened, whatever happens, we both decided that it was enough. […]



May 3, 2001

i am scattered all over the place right now. i am carrying an armful of emotions, but they keep falling to the ground, and when i bend down to pick one up, another one falls. so here i am, taking slow steps, holding on tightly to the load. my arms are not strong enough for […]


Before I go

May 2, 2001

the stacks of boxes in her room get higher and higher, yet there is no sense of disruption in mine. it looks just as it did yesterday. black converse and tan socks beside the trash can. CDs and izone photographs on my desk. empty shoe box, old LA weekly, pile of clothes. i opened the […]



May 1, 2001

i just don’t like goodbyes at all. period. i don’t do well with them. i stumble over my words and mumble things under my breath and repeat myself and heave heavy sighs and make strange faces. they say first impressions are lasting, but i am always worried about the final one. it seems to me […]


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