I’m going crazy, won’t you come along?

May 16, 2001

i’m a complete mess. i have a bruise on my upper thigh and i don’t know where i got it. i left the key in the door last night — all night — and it took me all morning to realize where they were. i keep having dreams about people i don’t even want to think about in my waking hours. it’s like i’ve been on this fabulous vacation in lalaland the past week, and i’m finally coming home — to a bedroom filled with half-empty boxes and garbage bags, a broken bookshelf that i don’t think i can fix, and bills that need to be paid, if i could just find them beneath the rubble.

how can i go from feeling so together and with-it one moment and like i’m going to completely unravel the next?

i don’t know what’s wrong with me. i feel off-center and no matter which way i tilt i’m still crooked.

i remember this:

“we’re crazy,” he sighed.
“is that a bad thing?” i asked.
“not yet.”

i wonder if this is what he meant.


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