Week of letters: Day 2

May 21, 2001

20 may 2001

dear grandma,
last night i went to an asian american film festival (where they show short and long movies written by young filmmakkers) and saw one about a girl’s grandmother and i thought of you.

how are you? i am doing very well, so well that i wonder how i got so lucky! i’m not sure what mom has told you but i have gotten a promotion at work. i am now producer of the websites, rather than just an assistant, which simply means more responsibility and more to do. it’s all good, though, and i feel like my job is becoming a challenge again, and therefore more interesting and enriching. (it also means more money, and maybe i can finally come visit you soon!)

i have also recently moved again, to yet another part of town. this is my final move here in los angeles, though, i can assure you, because i love my house. it IS more of a house than an apartment — a duplex, really, with hardwood floors and big windows and lots of space. and don’t you worry: the neighborhood is quite safe. in fact, there a few filipinos families on the block. manay mina & manay leonor s came with my mom and dad on mother’s day, so you can ask them yourself when they come over to make tsismis. i will also take many pictures, and send them to you.

aside from those two big events, i am keeping busy with my usual work with the youth group at st. monica’s and writing on the side and, of course, spending time with friends. my life feels is so full right now and i feel incredibly blessed.

i hope you are doing well. i am sure you are doing too many things at once (it runs in the family, perhaps!) as usual. just remember to take it easy and keep your worries to a minimum.

i promise to write again soon.

i love you and miss you dearly.



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