Week of letters: Day 3

May 22, 2001

21 may 2001 @ 10:30pm

hey, lady.

it’s late, and i’m wired, and i should be in bed with this inch-thick work document, prepping for a 9am meeting, but of course not. i’m drinking coffee, listening to belle & sebastian and writing. i’m becoming my old self again!

hey, wait. actually, aren’t you coming home some time this summer? (man, i wish i had summer vacation, again. imagine all that i’d get done — or all the time i’d waste talking about what i should be doing.) i hope so. and this time, if you do, you have to promise you’ll come over, and even spend the night. we can get drinks in the ‘hood then come home and pig out on whatever’s in the fidge and laugh at everything and nothing because that’s what we do. gosh, i miss you.

how are you, anyway? i hear rich is finally making the big move (the other week claudine, brent, joel & i went out to dinner and oh my gosh, could those two be any cuter? anyway, that’s how i heard–brent told me). i can’t believe april, which sounded so impossibly far away when you were getting ready to move out, has already come and gone. your patience and love and trust has totally inspired me. i’m so happy for you ,too two.

i guess i’m finally learning patience, as well. everything is falling into place, so far. home. work. words. i’m making all sorts of progress. now i just have to get myself out there. but all in good time. i know it’s not meant to be yet, because there’s lots to be done here. i’m actually enjoying LA (i honestly didn’t think i’d say that. heh).

anyway, i guess i should go.

write soon. or better yet, just come visit.

i miss you, girl.



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