Week of letters: Day 4

May 23, 2001

22 may 2001

dear tom2.

i’m finding it very difficult to concentrate right now. i’m sitting at a coffeehouse by my house, but instead of it being the quiet place i was hoping for, it is completely distracting. to my left is a gay couple discussing religion at great length. to my right are two guys talking about ‘chicks.’ at least i finished the reading i’d been hoping to do, so that’s something.

this is part of a project i’ve been working on this week: i’m writing letters and posting them on the web before i se, as an experiment.


i moved. (i’m sorry if i repeat myself, but i can’t remember what i’ve last told you.) i was living in westwood, but our landlord was crazy so we moved out. i parted ways with my roommate (it felt strangely like a break-up and i was leaving her for another woman) and moved in with my friend rima in silverlake, which is on the other side of town. it’s such a nice place; you’d love it. i love it.

i got promoted. it was a long time coming, but worth the wait. i’m now doing more and making more and mostly likely growing gray hair at a more rapid rate. i also hope to be saving more, although i’m having bad urges to spend it — i’m definitely buying a new computer but i was also considering traveling a bit. when i tried to invite myself along on ricky’s trip to holland, he quickly said no, that i have to save it for new york, instead. typical ricky.

i started volunteering again. i’m working with high school kids at st. monica’s church, and i love it there. i think i needed that time i took off after moving out of orange county, because now i feel energized and excited. and doing something for someone else feels so good, as i’m sure you remember from all the camp counseling. not to mention that working with high school kids keeps me on my toes.

that, along with doing my webstuff and visiting mom & dad and hanging out with my homies keeps me insanely busy, but isn’t that the castro way? do five million things at once, wait until the very last minute, sleep only when you have to, and party every chance you can. i think that pretty much sums it up.

and how are you? dad gave me this stack of phone cards, and i‘v should really make use of them, so you can expect a call from me soon. but until then, please write. i’ll sen settle for three-sentence emails. as long as they’re from you.

you know i miss you.

love, your favorite sister,


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