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June 13, 2007
WEIRD My first comic, one of five pieces to be in the show at Giant Robot

Artwork has been dropped off, design files stuffed and sent away, invoices submitted and emails answered. Frustrated tears have been cried, exhausted sighs exhaled, determined gulps swallowed and prayers to all the angels and saints whispered. To say it’s been a busy week would be a wild understatement. But it’s finally calming down, and I am still alive.

And just a bit ago, I was on the sofa eating dinner and watching a movie, and I didn’t have to rush back to the computer to do some kind of work or to my phone to answer another call. Yes, this is good.


  1. Ky says:

    you are swell =)

  2. Fran says:

    Oh, goodness, I hear you on this one. Congrats on making it through.

  3. penelope says:

    Yay for down time! I have been way too busy myself and it feels so good to finally catch your breath.

    I have been meaning to connect with you… say thank you for your sweet note and the show postcard. I haven’t actually connected yet, but you (and your busy-bee-ness) are in my thoughts every day. :)


  4. pixie says:

    hi nutmeg,

    thank you so much for the postcard. i’m hoping your show is swimming and that you and your cutierama spiceboy are having so much fun! sugar to you, p

  5. Claire says:

    You made it through! Hooray!
    Your comic is adorable. Excellent work- and a first piece, too (hung at GR no less-my own personal dream!)!
    Enjoy your downtime…

  6. rama says:

    you’re SO weird.

    ((( )))

  7. your husband says:

    why don’t you tell the world about your new boyfriend, huh? i’m sure they’d love to hear about him.


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