sears saved my life

July 25, 2005

I learned a new phrase yesterday: “It’s a cooker!” We were at Home Depot when Marcia said it, and I thought she was referring to the grills we were passing, but it turns out she meant the weather. It was boiling hot.

I had a little panic attack on Saturday because some girls from church were at my house baking cookies for our youth group bake sale when, for no reason, my electric fan died. “What are we going to do?” I wondered. “What am I going to do?” With each question, I got progressively more and more panicked. “I can’t work under these conditions! I can’t live under these conditions! I’m going to die this summer!”

After we baked six dozen cookies, I hopped online and began shopping for cooling systems. I tried Lowes, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Costco and Everyone was sold out, though. Some sales people even laughed at me when I asked if they had any in stock, as if I had just asked the most ridiculous question in the world.

Thank God for the Santa Monica Sears and its overachieving store manager. She had overstocked small air-conditioning units, the model that just happens to be the perfect size for my room, and they had several left. Plus, they were on sale. I didn’t have to think twice before handing over my credit card.

Last night, Rama came over to install it and today I enjoyed wonderfully cool temperatures while I worked on design projects. Sears is my hero.


  1. arvin says:

    cool fun… seee no need to panic! just cookies =)
    its soo cold in sydney right now.

  2. muck says:

    panic attacks are NO fun at all. i am actually debating on whether i should take the metro in this bloody hot weather just to go to friend’s pool. why debate when i could be in a pool, cooling off? it’s 110 degrees with a thick cloud of humidity in dc and that’s just enough for me to stay home. i am looking for a good deal on a blow up pool for my backyard though…

  3. sarah says:

    i don’t think molly (my nearly two-year-odl) have been out of this apartment for nearly three days now! we survive by getting in the tub with our bathing suits on. this weather has to let up eventually!

  4. kq says:

    Yay for Sears! Yay for wonderful, blissful air conditioning too. :)

  5. Erma says:

    When I donated blood for the first time, it took me longer than the average donation. The guy who watched over me told me I was a “slow cooker.” I was glad to know he referred to my blood flow being slow, and not hot in temperature. =)

  6. Serena says:

    hi christine! i’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and i’ve always always meant to write you a little note about how much i love your writing and your artwork…and here i am finally doing it! congrats to you and your finace (he was nice enough to send me a postcard when i emailed him a while back)…from what i can see, you both are beautifully wonderful people =) and i promise, this weather WILL let up… boston has been in the 90’s with high humidity since monday–but today? humidity is down (!!), it’s in the high 70’s (!!) and there’s a nice breeze going (!!!). praise God! take care of yourself now =)

  7. jenny vorwaller says:

    WHEW! cannot wait for this heat wave to pass! lucky you for sears, i don’t know what you would do without a a/c unit or two either! cheers to cooler weather :O)

  8. Your Hommie says:

    Dear Christine, Just a little surprise message to tell you I love you and that I’ll write soon. xoxo

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