dead sea skin solution

July 29, 2005

Some neighbors bring you candy or bake you pies, but our neighbors give us mud.

They took a trip to the Dead Sea and came back with a packet of mud. Apparently, the stuff is chock full of minerals that do wonders for your skin. People slather it on their bodies and lay by the water, baking in the hot sun, hoping to see silky smooth results.

I’ve never done the whole mud mask thing, and Rima is always trying new skin treatments, and we like to think we’re both open to new experiences. So, we figured, what the hell, let’s try it. We got up early this morning, slipped on ratty tank tops and shorts, pulled our hair back with headbands and got out some towels. We also made a pot of coffee.

I rubbed the mud on my face with one hand and held a mirror with the other, leaving holes for my eyes and nostrils and mouth. It was darker than we thought it would be. And it tingled a little bit. And, oh yeah, it stunk. Bad.

“I feel like an elephant,” Rima said.

“I feel like a tar pit,” I said.

After covering our faces, arms and knees with the stinky sticky mud, we went to the front porch to bake under the sun. We had hats on our heads to disguise us and coffee in our hands to keep us company. Every time we thought somebody was driving up or walking by, we’d quickly turn around so that they couldn’t see how silly we looked. It didn’t occur to me until I was rinsing off in the shower, that two girls with muddy arms and hats staring at the front of their house would have looked ridiculous no matter what.

Our skin is pretty silky and smooth, though.


  1. sarah reed says:

    lol! what fun! the best beauty secret for smooth skin anyone has ever given me is to take a cup of sugar into the shower. get all nice a wet, turn the shower off, and then rub and rub the sugar all over your body and then rinse. it leaves the skin soooooo smooth and silky. plus it’s cheap!


  2. the stinkowitz says:

    did i ever tell you that “Aztec” mud was my mom’s number one preferred method for skin care?

    not only did she use it herself, she insisted that my brother, sister, and i use it too. i never thought that it was the cure to our “teenage problems.” sometimes, in fact, i thought that it made our pimples worse. we all got used to the nice feeling though. there’s something fun about cool mud drying on your face… then cracking into pieces.

    so, there were many nights in our house when our entire family would go about its business with dirt caked on our faces.

  3. penelope says:

    HAHAHA! That made me laugh out loud. I can totally picture you sitting there looking completely ridiculous! ;)

  4. Swirly says:

    The things we do for beauty!! If you can’t be silly with your girlfriend, who can you be silly with?

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