October 18, 2005

Last night, I made my first bulk wholesale order for some Darling t-shirts that I’m going to start selling. I stared at the web form for several minutes before I mustered up the courage to click “submit.” Why the hesitation? Because ordering a few dozen t-shirts makes all of this real. I’m not just coming up with “great ideas.” I’m not just thinking, “Hey, I could do that.” I’m actually doing it.

It’s nerve-racking to make such an investment, but it’s also very exciting too. I’m releasing my ideas into the world. That’s so cool.


  1. Ky says:

    hooray! congrats!

  2. KQ says:

    Don’t sweat about it, I’m sure they’ll be adorable! Can’t wait to see ’em!

  3. Mrs. V says:

    If the T-shirt you gave me for my birthday is any indication of what’s in store, your shirts will sell out in no time. Congrats!

  4. stinkowitz says:

    i can’t wait for your store!

    and, no matter what happens, life is too short to be spent thinking about things to do. you deserve rounds of applause for ACTUALLY DOING.

    congratulations on accepting the adventure!

  5. mati says:

    i wanna see!

  6. sarah says:

    oh, i am so going to order one! i oh, i am so going to order one! i

  7. Swirly says:

    That is very exciting. Can’t wait to see them!

  8. Sweet Princess says:

    Keep out of your own way! You’ve got great ideas.

  9. muck says:

    whooo!!! lookin’ forward to check them out!

  10. Angelique says:

    Hi. I’ve been reading your blog, on and off, since it’s inception and have yet to make contact. Just wanted to say, “Whoa, you’ve come a long way baby!” That, and congrats and good luck on your newest endeavor!

  11. alan says:

    good luck in your new endeavor! it sounds exciting. =D

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