catching up

October 13, 2005

I’m at a loss for words these days.

By the time I’ve caught up on email, written in my journal, called my mom, gabbed with girlfriends and penned a letter to my grandma, I feel all talked out.

Some days, I obsess about the wedding. Other days, I drown myself in work. The good days, though, are the ones when I feel like I get a little bit of everything done. When I end up sitting across from Rama at the dinner table sharing all the bits and pieces I accomplished and all the odds and ends I still get to do.

There is so much going on. I’m going to show some pieces in a small local art show to benefit the hurricane victims. I’m going to launch the Darling shop once and for all. I’m going to turn 30.

Gosh, I remember when “thirty” sounded ancient. Now I laugh at the thought. I feel like all the really good stuff is just around the bend.


  1. mati says:

    yes! let’s hook up in LA (November 12th). I hear you on the wedding & turning 30 & doing the art… much to discuss:)

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