February 24, 2002

mom was surprised, and i couldn’t stop taking pictures of her 100-watt smile. one by one her friends came up to greet her and when tita linda came up, they kept hugging and laughing and shrieking and hugging again. tears filled my mom’s eyes, and i got teary-eyed, too. i was pacing and shaking. so many blurry photographs.

there were piano players and DJs, heat lamps and fountains, mango cake that melted in my mouth and raspberry vodka that seeped down my throat.

we ate drank sang danced, and we didn’t stop until 5am. the parents were in the kitchen eating early morning snacks, while the surviving children sat delirious on the sofa. we all got drunk — vodka or laughter, it was all the same.

my brothers called from whistler and sang into her ear, a dozen bachelors serenading a lady. i think i saw her blush.


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