She is going to be so…

February 23, 2002

coffee, pancakes and mushroom omelettes, followed by a drive by the ocean. picnics on the sand. deep breaths held for ten seconds. oh, my legs are so pale.

i watched squirrels dart in and out of a flower bed on the cliff, and i imagined what it must be like to have rows of flowers and foliage up to my shoulders. afterward, we went to a nursery and i got inspired to turn my brown thumb green. i walked out with fresh sweet basil, italian parsley and three bamboo sticks.

i made the mistake of pointing out a father and son riding bicycles side by side and my mother lamented that it will be a long time until she has grandchildren.

today is her 60th birthday. we’re throwing a surprise party, with white table cloths and two turntables and, i think, lechon. one of her best friends from high school has come all the way from jersey for the affair, and my mom hasn’t got a clue.


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