All grown up and no place to go

February 19, 2002

this morning, i got up before the sun. i remembered all these things i’d meant to do last night before watching bits and pieces of chungking express and falling asleep with the telephone beside me. Responsible Things, like paying bills and getting my oil changed and putting the dishes away. things i couldn’t ignore, not unless i want to live in darkness and go everywhere by foot.

so, i got up. it wasn’t hard. i’ve been getting up before 7am half of the week, anyway, and it gets easier each day.

even michelle is amazed. “who are you?”

“i don’t know!” i laughed.

when we lived in santa monica, she’d have done a million and one things by the time i rolled out of bed. now, she says she can’t remember the last time she got up so early.

who am i? i feel like i should be able to tell you that, by now. maybe you know better than i do. maybe nobody ever really does. maybe it’s a stupid question, because what does it matter what anyone says, anyway.

today, we are going to some old haunts to eat mandarin orange topped salads and chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, shop for art supplies(!) and used CDs. there is no better way to spend a saturday afternoon, or if there is, i can’t think of it right now.


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