Red light, green light

February 18, 2002

i went for a drive today, rolled my windows down and turned the volume up and cruised on sunset boulevard. i was alone, but sitting shotgun were three cameras: a holga, a polaroid, a digital. i didn’t really have a destination in mind. i just knew that it was a holiday and the sky was blue, and i couldn’t let it go to waste.

while sitting at a stoplight, i decided to play a game. at every red light, i had to take a photo. i could extend my arm as far as it would go out the window, but i could not look through the viewfinder. the less thought put into the shot the better. it was so much fun that i started to prefer red lights over green, and i drove more slowly in hopes of catching them, and i pitied the people beside me in traffic who pushed on the gas as soon as they could, because they were missing the beauty all around them.

oh hello, that is me. my hair is in my eye.

rearview mirror
the palm trees are everywhere, towering high above the city.

mr. balloon man
mr. balloon man came out of nowhere, and i don’t know where he is headed.

the metro station is silver and shiny, but the bus is hogging the spotlight.

hair store
on the left, it says, “human hair,” and below that, “clearance.” president’s day sale?

curb, grass, sidewalk, fence: the sedimentary layers of the streets.

i must confess, this is a non-stoplight photo, but it’s the shakespeare bridge! my heart swells each time i cross it.

blue sky. green palm. beautiful day.


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