vacation, all i ever wanted

December 19, 2001

today is wednesday, but it is my friday. actually, it’s my last day before vacation, and i feel like i should be going to a classroom party with fruit punch and star-shaped cookies and play games like heads-up 7-up and simon says until the school bell rings.

two and a half weeks to stay up late and sleep in later and play and eat and drink and laugh. two and a half weeks! i may never want to come back to the office after this.


my tree is nearly fully clothed in white lights & paper snowflakes, save a few naked branches. if you come into my house i accost you with a pair of scissors and a square sheet of paper, as i did joel & kate, and then i make you sit on the sofa and cut away. it makes me so happy to stare at the tree because i know that people i adore have helped decorate it. each snowflake is different and beautiful, as are the people who made them, as are the memories we’ve shared.

tonight, tom comes over. sunday, ricky arrives, too. that means sunday night is the official start of the holiday madness, and i’ve got a feeling it will not stop until long after they’ve gone back home. there will be gift wrapping and gift opening, laughter and rambling conversation, food inhaling and drink spilling. there might even be some snow.

in case i can’t steal a moment in the coming days, happy holidays, darlings. be safe & merry.


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