Excuse me, Elsa

December 13, 2001

it was elsa’s birthday today and she drank one too many shots. she spilled and tripped and slurred her words all the way to our table. all i wanted was a slice of apple streudel and a glass of water but i lost her to more birthday singing and drinking and floating. when it was time to go, we left the tip in a birthday card that claudia had sitting in her bag. i hope she puts it in her pocket and looks at it tomorrow morning and wonders who the hell those girls were, anyway.

claudia, miha and i snuck out of the bar and drove up the hill to my house, where we drank pints of water, got high on fresh pine and talked about boys. i haven’t heard giggling like that bounce on these walls in so long.

i am trying to convince miha to move to my neighborhood, so we could do that sort of thing more often. for the longest time she’d complain to me how she didn’t have any friends here in LA, but i think she’s finally realizing that she, in fact, does.

i almost didn’t go out tonight. i was ready to slip into my pajamas and sink into crankiness. i was ready to wish the world away, but i’m glad i didn’t.


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