Third time’s a charm

February 21, 2001

my head is spinning with street names and numbers and dollar signs. my hand is tired from circling and crossing out and making big stars in pink ink. my stomach is tumbling with anticipation and frustration and hope. it’s a bit overwhelming, and it’s just begun. we are looking for a new place to live.

it’s not that we want to move out, although i’ll admit i am already daydreaming of brighter rooms, more space and better parking. we’re getting evicted. i still can’t say that with a straight face. it’s just so ridiculous i can’t help but laugh. eviction is something that happens to rowdy frat boys and delinquent drug dealers–not two girls who pay their rent on time. but our landlord is a bitter man, and he is kicking us to the curb. it’s not even important why he wants to or if he can legally do it. we’ve decided we don’t want to give him our money anymore, anyway.

so, it’s back to classifieds and drive-bys and phone calls and applications and leases and boxes, god the boxes, let’s not talk about the boxes. it’s so ridiculous, and when i hear myself telling someone the story, i can barely believe it myself.

“didn’t you just move?”
“like just last month, right?”
“and not long before that?”
“so that makes–”
“three. this will be the third time in one year.”

i tell myself it’s an adventure. this will be fun! this will be exciting! my life is an adventure and the world will watch with baited breath to see what wacky things happen next to silly ol’ me! i tell that to myself to make me feel better, and it helps a little. but mostly i just want to go to sleep and wake up in april, when all of this nonsense is over.


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