Shooting star

February 20, 2001

tonight i saw a shooting star. i was cruising down the 405 and watched it soar over city national bank and disappear over the hill. and then i blinked and the sky was black, again.

i didn’t make a wish, although i suppose i should have; there are more than enough things i could wish for right now but it just didn’t occur to me. instead, in that one shimmering star, i saw a glimmer of hope. just enough to make me realize that i would be okay.

it sounds silly, maybe, but i looked up at the vast dark sky and somehow everything all of a sudden made sense. like the stars fit snugly in their spots in the sky and the moon hung safely on the edge without falling. and every night it’s the same. i just don’t notice it. every morning the sun takes over and the clouds come out to play and the wind rearranges the canvas sky like a fickle artist. everything keeps going, whether i care to notice or not. i can try to hide — today i just wanted to call in sick and slide under my covers and stay in bed with my blinds tightly drawn — but the world will keep spinning and life will keep turning. and it’s okay.

so i might as well face the day, because i only get stronger and braver and wiser as the days go on. i only learn a little more with each trial i face. i only keep growing.


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