5-Minute Crush

Decemberists, I’m yours

January 19, 2004

Nevermind that the the Decemberists make wonderful, charming pop music or that their vocabulary kicks my vocabulary’s ass. Nevermind that they are a lot of fun live, as witnessed at Spaceland on Friday. Nevermind that the first stanza of Red, Right Ankle makes me ridiculously happy and I can’t stop humming it. No, nevermind that. […]


Everyday matters

January 12, 2004

Like several artists I know, I seem to have developed a crush on Danny Gregory and his sketchbooks. A man after my own heart, he has kept journals for years, documenting little and big details and finding beauty in the every day. He doesn’t just draw–he sees. By that, I mean through the process of […]


Advent calendars

December 8, 2003

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the anticipation. I love counting the days until it’s time to sing the carols, eat the feast and unwrap the gifts. That’s why I have always adored Advent Calendars, because they help me count down. As a little girl I loved the store-bought kind, with pieces of […]


Line drawings

October 2, 2003

i have been so focused on jotting down good things that i forget to mention my crushes. just now, i discovered anoushka's drawings and i can't stop swooning and smiling. so simple, yet so charming.


She’s such a tattletale

August 7, 2003

i have never been called a tattletale, but if i were, nita’s the kind of tattletale i’d wanna be.


Think pink

July 16, 2003

it started with a pink dress that i got on sale on a whim. wearing it made me feel like springtime. when flip-flop weather officially arrived, i bought a bottle of perfect pink nailpolish. normally, the pinks are too shimmery or bright, but this was cool and pearly. i knew i’d made a good choice […]


All things skwishy

i have a crush on all things skwish. the name skwish is more than just an artist, one who is a friend of a friend of mine, to me. no, the name to me means wit, style, color, and heart. i really admire him and his work.


CJ, will you marry me?

July 2, 2003

a 7-year-old boy named CJ stole my heart. i think it was his big brown doe eyes and grin. he passed out candy and chocolate to the ladies at the wedding we attended. later, i saw him with a lavender garter wrapped around his arm. “do you know what that means?” i asked. “yeah,” he […]


A softer world

July 1, 2003

A Softer World is a different kind of comic strip. it’s simple, tender, and beautiful. also, it’s composed solely of photographs and type. the site, run by a girl named emily and a boy named joey, just might break your heart. it broke mine.


The booty don’t stop

June 24, 2003

you may not have heard of my favorite new album, but i'm convinced you should. it's the The Booty Tape, a mix of booty-licious songs that was found in Michigan some years back. found magazine genius editor Davy Rothbart shared this treasure on his booktour, and his little brother performed a cover of one of […]


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