date or bust

November 3, 2009

A week ago, Rama and I went on our first baby-free outing, and I am sad to admit it was a bust.

When my parents said they’d take care of Henry for an entire afternoon and evening, my mind went wild with the possibilities. I made plans, tons of them. I imagined a quick jaunt to the other side of town for a hair cut followed by a stop at the Giant Robot show, a nice meal out and a late night movie.

We ended up spending most of the evening in the car, stuck in traffic.

I had been looking forward to the date all week, hoping for some romance and rejuvenation. Instead, I got a dose of disappointment and frustration.

The night was not without its high points, but overall it was not the date I thought we’d be having. That’s because I had imagined an impossible date. I had put way too much stock in one evening, and nothing could live up to that hype.

Now, I’m trying to introduce a little romance and relaxation every day, instead. A nice meal here. A quick outing there. Things we can, you know, actually do.

And the next time we find ourselves out on a date, I am settling for a movie. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll suggest we grab some frozen yogurt afterward, but I won’t push my luck.


  1. meantoddy says:

    hello! i’ve been a fan of your site since 2004… but it has been a while since i’ve visited your blog. it was such a great surprise to see you’re still blogging… and still as positive as before. and i’m still a fan. :) it’s really refreshing to read your entry again…. keep it up!

  2. rama says:

    i’d be so happy with a long, lazy nap in your arms.

  3. Thea says:

    I have been dealing with the reality that often my expectations are just not even possible.

    It is hard to accept sometimes.

    So sorry a majority of your date was spent in traffic:( I love the idea to embrace roamntic moments in a day:)

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