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October 25, 2009

Last night, we attended an art show. A big one. In an actual museum. And I was one of the artists.

We were asked to pose for a photo on the red carpet. We got escorted into the gallery, passing a line of people waiting to get in. We even got congratulated by complete strangers just for being in the show. I was hardly expecting the royal treatment that we received. I was just thrilled to be in a museum show at all.

As I walked past the wall of art work, I realized that I could no longer fall back of any of the “I’m not a real artist” excuses that I’d been leaning on most my life. No, I didn’t go to art school. I have no formal education, no studio, no following. I participated in my first art show because my husband asked the curators for permission, not because I got an actual invitation.

But since that first show several years ago, I have participated in half a dozen more shows, exhibiting—and selling—my work. I have gotten hired by clients to design and draw things because they like my style. I have even been featured in a book about other artists.

Whether I like it or not, I am an artist. And last night, I let myself celebrate.


After the show, I pulled out of the parking lot, cutting off a shiny black Escalade. I was feeling giddy and, I’ll admit, a little bit high on myself.
“You just cut off George Takei,” Rama said.
“I did?!”
“Oh, shit,” I gasped. “Sorry, Sulu!”


  1. Irit says:

    Yes, Christine, you definitely ARE an artist. And a good one, at that.
    Congrats on the show. I wish I could attend – Giant Robot is my favorite magazine.

  2. maganda.org » date or bust says:

    […] night was not without its high points, but overall it was not the date I thought we’d be having. That’s because I had […]

  3. machiko says:

    i saw you & rama (and your work) at the show!

    i’ve been following your writing and artwork for quite a while, but it’s something to see your favorite online people in person + their work in real life.

    congrats, and yes, you are such an artist!

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