October 15, 2007


When I was in 2nd grade, I won 3rd place in a penmanship contest. To this day, I still pride myself on good penmanship and, sometimes, spend hours practicing my lowercase A’s and crossing my T’s. So when I saw that Paper Source was holding a Copperplate Script workshop, I signed up.

It was harder than it looked. It takes a lot of concentration to make the thin and thick lines with the pen and nib, but by the end of 3 hours, I felt like I could hold the pen correctly and make some legible letters!

Now I feel 9, again. All I want to do is practice my handwriting in my lined composition notebook.


  1. Goddess of Leonie says:

    oh dudette, i really like this…

  2. the stinkowitz says:

    at your leisure…

    i would swoon for a handwritten love letter.

  3. penelope says:

    You have the best penmanship of anyone I know! Looks like you had a great class! how fun! (I really need a class like that. my handwriting is chicken scratch.)

  4. lisa s says:

    oh man! we need to live closer so we can do stuff like this together.

    thanks so much to you and rama for comin out on sat! it was SO GREAT to see you!!!

  5. Claire says:

    That’s amazing! Especially to a chicken-scratcher like me.

  6. stella says:

    Aw girl that is so, so cool and beautiful. Will you consider teaching me sometime?! Once I visited the Huntington Library for an Abraham Lincoln exhibit, and they had old tomes with his script in it. Afterward I practised for weeks writing my capital A’s and L’s to look like his!

  7. tracy says:

    your name looks beautiful! I’m in love with your upper case B.

  8. Serena says:

    Yes! I love practicing penmanship/letters! :D

  9. leslie says:

    what fun! i love to scribble my name over and over too. though my penmanship is not quite as neat as yours!

    and on a sidenote, i just sent you an e-mail!

  10. Swirly says:

    Oh, I love this! I once started a page where I kept a record of all my favorite variations of letters and numbers in the third grade. I also got permission to learn how to write cursive in the second grade before all the other students, and I felt incredibly badass.

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