the first day of school

February 27, 2006

Earlier I was transformed into a little girl the night before the first day of school. I’m starting a sewing class tomorrow. It’s just a 6-week course at the local community college, but I am so excited.

I went out to the fabric store, braving the rain and the bad drivers, and picked up 3 1/2 yards of beautiful fabric and a new pair of Fiskars. When I got home, I emptied out my sewing box onto the bed and organized all the little bits. Sticking fresh pins into my donut pin cushion, winding loose thread around the spool, dropping stray buttons into a jar. I felt transported to my elementary school days when I would organize and re-organize my school supplies and slip them neatly into my crisp backback. And then wait.

I’m waiting, again. And I’m wondering what I will do with this 3 1/2 yards of fabric, and I’m hoping it will be as lovely as the dresses my mom used to make, and I’m imagining a sewing corner in a house with a rainbow of spools on the wall and a secret stash of notions.


  1. lisa s says:

    sounds dreamy! have fun!

    [i love new supplies – of any kind… sigh….]

  2. sarah says:

    Oh, how exciting! Good for you for learning something new! I have always wanted to learn how to sew quilted purses and folding wallets and checkbook covers. Perhaps someday I will…. have fun, darling!


  3. Ann says:

    Find the perfect real estate for you .

  4. pixie says:

    that is such a yummy post. your attention to colorful details is one of the things i dig most about you. fiskars rule. i also love how you appreciate fine supplies. and of course, i love how you love your mama. boy, i love a lot about you…

  5. penelope says:

    What a fun new adventure in creativity. I hope you enjoy it.

    I’ve tried sewing and I stink at it. hee.

  6. matirose says:

    how fun!! i can’t wait to see/hear about what you create:)

  7. stella says:

    yay! you’re going to have so much fun. we must have a sewing day together soon. xo!

  8. muck says:

    fun! fun! fun! ya gonna sew your own wedding dress? :)

  9. barbara says:

    oh, how exciting! i looked at that doughnut pin cushion site.. and i just smiled and it’s very tempting to get back into sewing as well after seeing that! i used to do bag pouches and quilted wallets – really cool – might see how i go with creative sewing after i finish my painting mood.

  10. Serena says:

    oh MY that sounds like so much fun :D yay!

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