March 2, 2006

I forget, sometimes, the importance of reaching out to others. Especially these days, when so often I sit in my little corner-of-the-bedroom studio with my head down and my fingers on the keyboard for hours at a time.

I forget that connecting with others nurtures my spirit. It feeds my soul.

Lately, though, I’m being reminded. In both beautiful and painful ways. In lunch with a fellow designer, a phone call with a dear friend and a chain of emails.

Tonight I especially seek connection, as I heard the saddest news today and I was so busy working on a deadline that it didn’t hit me until now. A high school student I know was killed yesterday. Fatally shot by a gang member. He was 15 years old. Fifteen years young.

Are there even words to follow that? If there are, I can’t find them right now.


  1. Girl.Everywhere says:

    Dear Christine,
    I’m so sorry. That is hard news to bear. And it’s normal to get engrossed in what you are doing. After all, that’s why you are good at it. I think the important thing is that you knew this boy and knowing you (or reading your blogs), you probably did make an effort to reach out to him and you probably made a difference. Hugs.

  2. lisa deal (nookncranny) says:

    may you feel the love between the spaces of my words, dear.

  3. bohemiangirl says:

    yes…i am quite sure you did indeed make a difference in his life.

    warm hugs to you…

  4. Jeff says:

    I read about that at the LA Times website this morning. So sad, so senseless…

  5. lisa s says:

    oh christine, there are no words for that.

    i’m so sorry. big big hug. take time to grieve as you need to, OK???

  6. lisa says:

    i am so sorry to hear this. my own 22-year old brother in law was killed only one month ago in a snowboarding accident. it was, and still is, heartbreaking for our entire family. even now, i see the picture of him on the table and the horror of it doesn’t seem real. i know what you’re going through, but i want you to know that there are still days of beauty left in this life. i had to remind myself of that last month, and i am starting to see some of those glittering moments once again.
    thinking of you,

  7. m. says:

    oh, you really stopped my heart–that’s the saddest news i’ve heard, too. i’m really so sad with you, and so sorry. thank God that He’s so merciful, and we can hope that Eddy’s found peace, even after such a tragic ending… you’re in my prayers, girl. xoxo

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