June 2005


June 29, 2005

I’m at my parents’ house for the next few days. A mini-vacation, I call it, since I’m not sure how much work I’ll actually get done on my little old ibook. In addition to my computer, I’ve brought my sketchbook, my watercolors and a stack of bridal magazines. But I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll […]


saturday night fever

June 25, 2005

In the past 24 hours, I’ve launched two projects and I feel a hundred times lighter. I can’t tell you how giddy I got when I moved the client folders from “active” to “inactive.” I thought I should ride the high while it lasted and, after putting away some laundry, got ready to make my […]


guess what?

June 22, 2005

Every day is a surprise. I have learned that the act of making coffee (and maybe also smelling the coffee) is what wakes me up—not actually drinking it. I’ve learned that traffic isn’t so bad when you don’t have to fight it everyday. I’ve learned that if you actually like the work you do you […]


the things i don’t miss about my old office job

June 16, 2005

1. Traffic. There are few things more frustrating than going 5 miles an hour on a major highway, especially when you realize that you live 20+ miles away and, if you continue at that speed, it will take over 4 hours to get home. 2. Cubicles. I actually love having my own little space, but […]


the things i miss about my old office job

June 15, 2005

1. People. While it’s true eight whole hours sometimes went by without me saying so much as a word to someone else, I still drove to work alongside hundreds of other commuters. I saw and heard people shuffle past my cubicle dozens of times a day. I shared air and space with others. It was […]



June 9, 2005

I never in my life thought I would know a Rama, a Rima and a Rafi, but I do. Rama is the boy I’m marrying, Rima is the girl who shares a house with me and Rafi is the boy she’s dating. It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? p.s. Do you fancy yourself a Movable […]


sitting still

June 8, 2005

Lately, it seems, I’ve been doing a lot of sitting. In beach chairs anchored in the sand by a blazing bonfire. On a dark and windy two-lane road because there’s an accident up ahead and no other way to get home. In the backyard of a house in the middle of nowhere, playing made-up guessing […]



June 7, 2005

“I hate writing. I love having written.” —Dorothy Parker It’s been quiet. I know, I know, I know. I have to admit I’ve kind of enjoyed the silence. I’ve had a lot of thinking, planning and dreaming to do, and it’s been nice doing it in the comfort of my own head and heart. But […]


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