sitting still

June 8, 2005

Lately, it seems, I’ve been doing a lot of sitting.

In beach chairs anchored in the sand by a blazing bonfire. On a dark and windy two-lane road because there’s an accident up ahead and no other way to get home. In the backyard of a house in the middle of nowhere, playing made-up guessing games about celebrities. Under the shade of a cherry tree as we wait for a ride back home.

Whether I’m at the final destination or on my way somewhere else, I’m learning to enjoy the act of sitting still. I’m learning to enjoy the moment. I’ve spent so much of my time rushing from one place to another that the act of dawdling is a refreshing change.

Of course, it helps that I’ve had good company. But I know that even if I were all by myself in the middle of nowhere with nothing but my thoughts, I’d be able to sit still.


  1. the stinkowitz says:

    this is my favorite website!

  2. sylvia says:

    You’ve outdone yourself again. I love the wistfulness and purity of your new illustration! I love the re-design in general.

  3. machiko says:

    seeing your new designs and your new posts (two days in a row!) never fail to make my day…thank you!

  4. sarah reed says:

    sometimes sitting and doing nothing is actually doing something more than you would be while moving. :-)

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