the things i don’t miss about my old office job

June 16, 2005

1. Traffic. There are few things more frustrating than going 5 miles an hour on a major highway, especially when you realize that you live 20+ miles away and, if you continue at that speed, it will take over 4 hours to get home.

2. Cubicles. I actually love having my own little space, but I hate that awful beige office color that covered the walls. It just made me feel so blah.

3. Micro-management. That feeling that somebody is always looking over your shoulder — or worse, literally having someone look over your shoulder while you try to work. I much prefer working independently, and I think I’m better at it.

4. Meetings that go on forever. And ever. And ever. And you can’t even figure out why.

5. Drama. Enough said.

6. The Refrigerator Thief. I still can’t believe there are people out there who will take food that doesn’t belong to them, but there are. First it was my yogurt. Then, my salad dressing. I don’t miss walking to the refrigerator to grab a snack only to realize that my snack has disappeared.

7. Bad Office Coffee. Of course, I drank it. When it was a choice between bad office coffee and none at all, I took the coffee. But I much prefer brewing a fresh pot o’ really good joe.

8. Gossip. This isn’t to say that I never participated in it. In fact, I often lived for a good piece of gossip, but that’s exactly why I’m glad I’m no longer in an environment that breeds it. I like myself better when I’m not whispering about so-and-so and you-know-who. You know?


  1. the stinkowitz says:

    if i ever get to draw my own superman story, it will concern clark kent’s battle against the daily planet’s refridgerator bandit.

    refridgerator bandits qualify as villains in my world.

  2. muck says:

    no kidding! one thing i love when it comes to working from home is that i get to wear my pj’s all day long.. maybe that’s why my neighbors thinks i must be a madwoman when i bbq food in the backyard in the middle of the day in my oh! so comfortable pj’s…

  3. Fran says:

    Job woes are universal, it seems. That pretty much makes me want to quit my job immediately!

  4. rena says:

    isn’t it wacky to cut the ties? but it’s good, good, good. i mostly miss the people as well. it gets LONELY working at home/studio. i talk to the dog a lot. but there is something so awesome about being able to stop in the middle of the day and do something else, if you want. you are in control! enjoy!

  5. sarah reed says:

    to muck: gosh! i love working in my pjs, too, with my hair a’muck!

  6. penelope says:

    Muck: I grill out in my backyard in the middle of the day in my pjs too. Ha! I get some weird looks and just wave. :)

  7. lori says:

    Another thing I’d add to that list…all the junk food that’s always out and about. Just yesterday someone brought in donuts AND brownies at my client. Egads! Makes it hard to walk past that stuff and just say no.

    Congrats on your new ventures — both of them!

  8. arvin says:

    i agree! but i will miss all the amazing friends i work with! they make me smile everyday =)

  9. fsahh says:

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