My little Sid

June 29, 2004
A portrait of Sidra

Sidra, downtown Los Angeles, March 2004

I met Sidra on the last day of one of the high school retreats where I help out. She had a spirally head of hair and a colgate smile. I didn’t know how someone as funny, brave and crafty as Sidra had slipped past my radar the whole weekend, but I was glad that Kris was introducing me to her then. We hit it off instantly.

A lot of kids that come to these retreats go back to their high school lives and forget that they ever knew us. But not Sidra. She was hooked on our youth group, and we were hooked on her. Sidra was eager to help, quick to humor and easy to love. And she was always up for anything.

I started telling people that Sidra reminded me a lot of myself, but I quickly realized that in many ways she had already surpassed me. Her curiosity and creativity blew me away, and I didn’t have half as much guts and smarts as she. So, when I asked if I could adopt her as my little sister, I knew that she was also kind of adopting me as hers. We’ve been laughing ever since.

Right now, Sidra’s cruising down a highway somewhere in the state of Indiana. After she drops off our friend Kris to her hometown in Jersey, Sidra’s hopping a cross-country train back to California. I’m not worried about her. I’m just excited for her to come back with stories, pictures and that big beaming smile.


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