Boy at the gas pump

October 8, 2002

blahgirlx: oh, so do you want to hear about today's crush?
emilyann: oooh yes yes
blahgirlx: it is miniscule but got me giddy
blahgirlx: i was driving home and had to stop and get gas
blahgirlx: so i was making a left turn at a yellow-turned-red light and this car sped up behind me and followed me into the gas station and he swung around and ended up on the opposite pump as me and oh my god his eyes were amazing
emilyann: hahaa
blahgirlx: like, they were the lightest, clearest things i'd ever seen
blahgirlx: and it was just funny b/c i was having trouble with the pump and so was he and you could just hear the gurgling at the same time and it was like this funny “i know you can hear that” moment
emilyann: hehe
blahgirlx: and he finished before i did, i don't know how, but then he turned the corner and smiled
blahgirlx: woo
emilyann: did you slip him your number?
blahgirlx: hahaha no
emilyann: that's so cute
emilyann: crush at the gas pump
blahgirlx: crush at the gas pump!
blahgirlx: what a nerd i am!
emilyann: no way, it's so cute


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