Just when you thought it was over

October 5, 2002

i threw my luggage down, shoved my clothes off the bed and onto the floor and climbed under my covers when i got home at 11 this morning. the exhaustion of everything hit me all at once.

just as everything was turning blurry and silent, the phone rang. it was claudine. i hadn’t talked to her since i heard, through the grapevine, that she got engaged.

i lay in bed with the phone propped up between the pillow and my ear and she told me how her engagement ring sparkles more than anything else. she was bursting.

and here we go again. the hope, the heart, the nerves again. something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue again.

everyone around me is getting married and having kids and buying houses, but all i can think about is running away to paris to play Amelie tricks or taste-testing diner coffee across the country or taking naps in a hammock on a black sand beach.


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