You walked in

July 12, 2002

last night, we tried, for a second time, to go to the standard hotel downtown. it’s been hot during the day but cool at night and it was a perfect night for sitting on a rooftop.

we battled closed and one-way roads, scored on parking and humored street performers begging for change, but we were disappointed to find that there was already a line of thirsty people that snaked behind the hotel. no, thank you, we chimed, and walked back to the car.

instead, we ended up at a place i’d not yet been. they serve mojitos and fondue, project jackie chan films on the wall, blast good music through speakers and offer lots of floorspace for sitting. stella and i secretly kicked off our shoes and sprawled on beanbags, and for a moment, i was convinced someone should be feeding me grapes. afterward, we made a run for the border and swung through taco bell for a 7-layer burrito supfast.

“it feels like a monday,” eric said. funny, because that’s what i thought, too.

since i am one to get sentimental, i feel compelled to share that one year ago this month, they brought rock’n’roll into my life and i haven’t been the same since.


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