Echo (echo) Park

July 25, 2001

out on a school night, at a no-name bar in echo park. neon light whispered cocktails into the air and lured us inside.

we sat in the corner of the room, watching it slowly fill with people and drinking beer that tasted like pennies. the table was too far from the booth. i noticed, because i wanted to lean back against the vinyl and rest my arm on the table inbetween sips but i could only do one or the other.

to get to the diner, we took sunset to alvarado to glendale. i learn new routes every week.

we ate mountains of french fries and drank black coffee. there was a waitress with a scruffy voice and crew cut. i went to the bathroom, twice.

new friends, with stories to tell and moments to share. laughter ricocheted from my belly to the roof of my mouth and around the room. i am still smiling.


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