April 2002

Up where the air is clear

April 29, 2002

if you ask me how we got there, i couldn’t tell you. my eyes were shut the whole way. once or twice, someone would ask, “is christine asleep?” “no,” i’d mutter. and then i’d adjust my pillow and drift back into semi-consciousness. i only opened them when i heard paul tell chris we missed the […]


Willy Wonka

April 26, 2002

while i really would like to tell you that i have a crush on someone noble or something intellectual, i just seem to gravitate, instead, toward the dorky and silly and just plain childish. like willy wonka. he is charming and witty and, hi, his life is candy. also: great hat. i want to ask […]


Sensory Overload

1: buying medicine. rows of bottles of extracts of herbs. ancient remedies. patented formulas. pills behind clear plastic. liquid through brown glass. allergy releif. next time, please spellcheck your label. 2: making milkshakes. wrapped straws in my pockets and a leaning tower of styrofoam cups. rows of tubs of ice cream. (8.) no orders for […]


Gilmore Girls

April 23, 2002

i’m on the rebound, since felicity is leaving my life tomorrow. and who do i turn to? the gilmore girls. i swear, it’s a really good show.


The serial comma and I

Today I had the urge to punctuate everything properly. I wrote a note to myself, capitalizing the first word of each sentence and all proper nouns. I did not abuse any semi-colons or dashes. I even left in the serial comma. It was strangely satisfying. I miss being edited. I miss red marks on the […]


Oh, my dear sweet NYC

April 21, 2002

i am going to new york in two weeks and i am both thrilled and terrified about this. the last time i was in there was fall two years ago, when i was stuck in a love triangle between a boy and the city. i didn’t have to choose: the boy left me and i […]


Spring sprang sprung

spring is here. sunlight is flooding back into the house, waking me up early and dragging me out of bed. the air is tinged with sweetness, of flowers blooming and fresh fruit falling. plans are being thrown out the window and adventure is waiting. spring is grabbing hold of my hand and calling me outside. […]


I’m a little schoolgirl

April 20, 2002

we made a pilgrimage to see lou barlow (we missed him the last time he played) but i ended up finding myself far more smitten with the the opening act, track star, and well, the singer, wyatt. when he opened his mouth, my insides melted. his voice, oh my god his voice. (and then i […]


The Shins

April 18, 2002

i cannot get enough of summery, shimmery the shins. i have oh, inverted world on repeat in the hello kitty boombox in my cubicle. it’s not unusual to walk in on me, with my headphones on and lips mouthing the lyrics and my body lightly bouncing in my office chair. it’s just too bad that […]


A crush without a name

April 15, 2002

i don’t even know his name, but still, i like him. he is clever and charming and slightly obnoxious — all dangerous qualities. he likes sex and has consummated his desire with nearly 30 women. he is the kind of man that i know i shouldn’t want but that of course makes me want him […]


Why does it always rain on me?

it’s a good thing i had my rain coat. i don’t normally have it within arm’s length, but it sprinkled last night and as i was leaving for the car wash at lunch time i glanced at it hanging on my cubicle wall and helen told me to bring it — just in case. it […]


Guess who’s coming to dinner

April 4, 2002

i had forgotten all about dinner parties, about mismatched silverware and plates, bowls of warm food and glasses of cold beer, laughter and stories rising up to the dimly light ceiling. i had forgotten how much fun it can be, but tonight, i was reminded when a friend asked us over for dinner for pakistani […]



April 3, 2002

everything was sleep to me, today. the untouched patches of carpet in each empty cubicle. the endless roll of bubble wrap abandoned in the corner of the office. rosie thomas’s caramel voice oozing through my headphones. all i wanted was to sliver onto my carpet bed, lay my head on a bubble wrap pillow and […]


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