I’m a little schoolgirl

April 20, 2002

we made a pilgrimage to see lou barlow (we missed him the last time he played) but i ended up finding myself far more smitten with the the opening act, track star, and well, the singer, wyatt. when he opened his mouth, my insides melted. his voice, oh my god his voice. (and then i realize that his other band is in the aislers set, which is a band i’ve been listening to a lot, lately, so it’s fate, right?)

after the set, i walked up to buy a CD and he showed up by my side and i held my ten dollar bill and asked him, “can i just give this to you?”

“yeah,” he said.

“thanks,” i said, feeling his fingers barely touch mine, “you were great.” the word thumped awkwardly onto the floor. of all adjectives, i had to choose great. suddenly, i felt 12.

“thanks,” he said, and i scurried off, like a little school girl.



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