Oh, my dear sweet NYC

April 21, 2002

i am going to new york in two weeks and i am both thrilled and terrified about this. the last time i was in there was fall two years ago, when i was stuck in a love triangle between a boy and the city. i didn’t have to choose: the boy left me and i left the city.

and i haven’t been back since.

i feel as though i’m about to have one last torrid affair with my old lover. i don’t know what it will be like. i don’t know how to prepare myself.

should i wear something conservative or should i slip into something sexy? should i be on guard or should i be reckless? will it be awkward or will i fall back in its arms like no time has passed at all?

maybe i’ll get there and the city will look at me with sorry eyes and tell me that everything has changed, i lost my chance and i can never go back. or maybe it will tell me how much it’s missed me and beg me to never leave again.


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