March 2002

Vegas, baby

March 29, 2002

next stop: vegas. i am going to play nickel slots and drink free gin & tonics and flirt with cowboys. or maybe i will play babysitter to my little cousins, buy them ice cream cones and win them stuffed teddy bears. if i hit the jackpot, i will become a lady of leisure and perfect […]


Sittin’ cozy

March 28, 2002

orange county’s cutest couple ever: kozy & dan! not only are they just adorable — if you saw them walking down the street you would want to gag and sigh at the same time because they are so cute — but their artwork is equally aww-inducing. they also have an artshow with another artist i […]


Sank my teeth into it

March 26, 2002

my hope was handed back to me tonight by the tamale guy and it only cost $1.75. in the pool room, i sat and i watched the seconds become minutes become hours and wanted a tamale so badly. he always comes sometime after 1, and he always has enough cheese tamales for the gang, and […]


Unsolved mysteries

March 24, 2002

my life has often felt like an after-school TV special, a Lifetime movie, a painfully bad sitcom, and yes, okay, even a cartoon. right now, though, it feels like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. marvelous coincidences and bittersweet moments that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. so, i just sit here and i follow all the […]


Good things

once a week, i make a list of good things. this task usually falls around sunday, and it’s often scribbled on a scrap piece of paper and then written, more nicely, in my notebook. sometimes i come up with 20 things. others, i can barely think of 5. but it’s important, i think. i complain […]


My new boyfriend

March 21, 2002

will someone please set me up with a handspring treo? i am in love. at $399, it is comprable to the iPod, but offers so much more. sure, the iPod is way sexier and far more rock’n’roll, but the treo is dependable and trustworthy. it will be there for you if your car breaks down […]


Been all over the place

March 20, 2002

this weekend, i did not once think about you, obsess about my appearance or wish i were somewhere else. i did go to disneyland, take cabs to get around town, and jump up and down to some damn good rock & roll. surprises, everywhere. like when you suddenly realize that somebody else is watching you, […]


Sensing springtime

March 13, 2002

i really love when the leaves rustling in the wind sounds just like rain. i convince myself that there is some sort of storm, look outside my window and see debris dancing on the driveway, instead. * circling around the reservoir on monday night, the windows rolled down and the nighttime air drifting inside, and […]


The lady with pink pants

March 12, 2002

the lady with pink pants and i are on some kind of schedule. i ran into her three times today in the bathroom, and each time it was exactly the same. i’d enter the middle bathroom stall, look to my right and see the salmon slacks bunched up over the brown loafers. i’d hear the […]


Oh, my aching back

March 10, 2002

oh, they are so right. it really does feel so long ago. i still remember telling my mom how excited i was to go to texas for the first time ever to meet these people whose work i respected and learn about this medium with which i was falling in love. i was on fire, […]


A thousand question marks

March 6, 2002

i don’t know everything. in fact, i’m certain i don’t know much and have a lot to learn, but there are some things that i know for certain: i have amazing people in my life. i am at my best when i am with them and when i am doing things for other people. i […]


First date

March 1, 2002

first date couple, stringing people and places and things to sketch out who they are. smiling big and laughing loud. leaning in, “do you want potato salad?” “i ate a tv dinner.” “do you cook?” they try so hard to understand or act like they do but none of it will make sense until much, […]



i am a big fan of lists, and i blame it on my mother. when i was a wee lass, i acted as her secretary, scrawling lists on scraps of paper that were lying around the house. what to buy at the market, who to invite to the party and gifts to give at christmas. […]


For now

i know there is a lot to say, but right now i just want to know how i could possibly have missed all that was right in front of my eyes. sometimes, maybe, i see it but just pretend it’s not there.


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