Oh, my aching back

March 10, 2002

oh, they are so right. it really does feel so long ago. i still remember telling my mom how excited i was to go to texas for the first time ever to meet these people whose work i respected and learn about this medium with which i was falling in love.

i was on fire, and she just told me, “hija, be careful with That Internet.” i thought, she has no idea what she’s talking about, and then i found out that neither did i.

i could never have predicted what would happen to me: the people i’d meet, the places i’d go, the things i’d do. so much has happened to me in the past two years, some bad, but mostly good.

and i told maura, sometimes i feel like a grandma. by no means do i believe i am a founding mother of the web–i realize the magic began way before i even discovered it–but i do feel as though i’ve been at this for a good, long time. i feel like i’m a cranky old lady peering out my blinds and gossipping on the phone to my girlfriends about these newfangled sites and the latest fads, and exclaiming, sometimes in horror, “just what are these kids thinking?”

i am falling back in love with paper and ink and colors. i can splash color on the screen, but i can’t get my hands dirty or hang a website on my wall. i am spending time with the people who really matter in my life, because the hours in the day are so precious and i don’t know what will happen tomorrow. i am remembering why i wanted a website in the first place: because i wanted to share stories.

but you can only get so much through boxes and wires. real stories come from real living.

so, that’s what i’m trying to do. my html and javascript books have gotten dusty, but my guitar has been rescued from the cobwebbed corner of my parents’ house. i have never bothered to redesign, but i have vastly improved my brushstroke. besides, i would much rather sit across a table from you over typing and uploading and clicking send any day.


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