March 1, 2002

i am a big fan of lists, and i blame it on my mother. when i was a wee lass, i acted as her secretary, scrawling lists on scraps of paper that were lying around the house. what to buy at the market, who to invite to the party and gifts to give at christmas. since i moved out, she makes those lists on her own and, now, so do i. darling daniele has a site dedicated to the best kind of lists: happy things! it will make you smile, i’m sure; it made me.


  • I'm Christine, and this is a slice of my life—a sweet, rich, wildly indulgent slice that would taste really good with a scoop of Breyers vanilla bean ice cream. Read more >>

  • I run a darling, friendly, little graphic design studio.
    I look on the bright side.
    I take photos. Lots of photos.
    I wish on stars and on websites.

  • I built my first web site 7 years ago and got 15 seconds of fame. (It changed my life.)
    I launched, then relaunched, an online magazine.
    I admitted to several embarrassing crushes.
    I consumed more bacon than any human should and lived to tell the tales.

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