Uncle Tony

March 21, 2001

my uncle tony died the other day, suddenly and too soon.
not only was he an amazing artist, but he was also a kind, generous and compassionate man, and i feel lucky to have known him.

he had no children but a wife who was always by his side, and in my memory, there was never one without the other–at a party, on a trip or in any setting. and now, mom said, tita angie looked so lost sitting in the corner, clutching his photograph and wiping the dust off the wooden frame.

i wasn’t there, but the image is so clear i feel as though i were. i can’t imagine losing someone so dear to me, my confidante, my lover, my best friend. it would be like finding my other half and then losing it again. what would i do with all the empty space?

it breaks my heart and boggles my mind and scares the hell out of me. eventually, i will lose everyone i love. it’s not death that i’m afraid of; it’s that i would miss everyone too much.


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