Make that the second day of spring

March 21, 2001

last night i dreamt of espionage and gasoline and car chases and my grandmother and church. it was rather unnerving, and i awoke to the phone ringing, thereby thwarting my efforts to solve these subconscious mysteries. i need closure.

and every morning when i wake up, my throat hurts. it has since my trip to austin. the pattern was: saturday sore throat, sunday sore throat, monday getting better, tuesday all fine, wednesday sick again, thursday sicker, friday still sick, and so on, and so forth. sniffly, sneezy and it hurts when i swallow. echinacea, vitamin c, honey lemon tea and lots of sleep. in my spare time, i’ve done nothing else but that.

but today is the first day of spring, and i will not stand for this nonsense any longer. spring means fresh tulips and strawberries and colored flip-flops and tank tops and extra sunshine and ice cream and all sorts of goodness. anything else i didn’t think of? i’m sure there’s plenty.


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