We are all out of wisdom today

March 15, 2001

nobody calls me, i think, but i blink hard and the red light’s still flashing. standing in my cubicle first thing in the morning, sipping my apricot ceylon tea from the paper cup, listening to the noise left on my voicemail. who is it? i have no clue, but i make out bits and pieces of conversation. and then i recognize your voice, at least i think i do. you are ordering a 7-up or sprite, i guess it doesn’t matter. i don’t hear much else and after two minutes i delete the message. devoid of clues, it’s completely useless to me.

i’m left here wondering whether it was a stupid joke or a silly mistake or just my imagination.

but i can say that of a lot of things.


tonight, three e-mails awaiting response about trouble in paradise. confusion with loved ones. heartache and heartbreak. please help, they write. you’re the only one who could possibly understand.

do i give off the impression that i have any idea what i’m doing? because i don’t.

be honest, i tell one girl. be yourself, and the words are far too easy to type. i can only hope they are better at following directions than i am.


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