Anti-climactic return

March 13, 2001

in the shuttle on my way to the airport hilton, i sneezed suddenly and loudly, startling everyone around me. the man directly across from me scowled at me, as if he were afraid i would spread my germs on his ugly silk tie. for the next five minutes i tried desperately to sneeze again, so that i could conveniently forget to cover my mouth.

(i think i am allergic to LA.)

in my car, i popped in the mixed tape from lisa and realized that the internet has taken over my life, without my even realizing, in the best possible way. i am entangled in this web, and i don’t want out anytime soon.

that is partly why i enjoy weekends like the one past and why i don’t even think it’s worth rehashing in such grand narratives anymore. this sort of thing will become so what’s the word, not mundane, not normal, but well, hopefully you know what i mean because i can’t think of the word right now. it stops feeling so surreal or staged and more like seeing old friends.

there were a few things that saddened me upon my return: that the parking lot where i used to park shut down permanently march 1, that the dishes i’d left on friday were still in the kitchen sink, that the snow white and seven dwarfs pornmail found its way into my inbox yet i did not receive an email i’d been hoping to get, that it was too late to call the east coast.

is it just me or does it feel like forever since we’ve last talked?


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