Rain, secrets, slobtastic

January 26, 2001

i am listening to rain slip and slide down the gutter of the building next door. it’s cold in my apartment. there’s no heat, because last time i turned on the heater i set off the smoke detector. i desperately crave a deep mug of hot cocoa, but we are out of milk. i am tempted to microwave a cup of water just so i can wrap my fingers around the warm ceramic. it’s cold in my apartment.

i cannot tell you how at peace i am right now. it’s hard to explain without getting into details, and please don’t ask, because i won’t tell you. there are some things i will never tell a soul. there are some things so secret and sacred that not even ink or paper will have the pleasure of knowing.

but: what i can say is i am feeling extraordinarily better than i was a week ago. that is saying a lot.

and: thank you to the sap who has listened to me babble, ramble, whine, complain and mutter this past week. you are slobtastic.


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