the hills are alive

April 30, 2008

God speaks to me in yellow flowers. I first noticed them during long drives to and from my parents’ house the weeks before our wedding. My mind was crammed with to do lists and worst case scenarios, and the stress weighed down on my shoulders like bricks. But every time I saw those yellow flowers I was struck by their joyful beauty and felt an instant calm. It was that simple.

I still see the sunny blooms–on the LA highways like I did two years ago and everywhere else–and they never fail to bring me some peace and hope. It’s that simple.


  1. lisaann says:

    i heart this photo so much! happy almost anniversary to you and mr. hughes. hugs! xox

  2. wendy says:

    beautiful photo…glad they make you happy!!!

  3. rama says:

    i just saw these hills again! i found the exact place where you photographed them. they are so beautiful. xo

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