radio silence

September 18, 2007

I guess I just don’t have much to say lately, and the fact that my blog
is broken doesn’t help my lack of inspiration.

Sometimes, I think of scrapping this entire thing and starting over. Other times, I think of deleting it completely. But neither of those feel quite right.

For now, I’ll do more listening than talking and trust that the words will come out when they’re ready.


  1. tracy says:

    i know the feeling! keep snapping pics with your camera! don’t feel the need to always have to say something!

    although…i do miss your good things lists ;)

  2. penelope says:

    no pressure, miss. I feel bad that I’ve been absent from emailing you and sending those recipes! It’ll resume when things calm down and they are ready to. :) I still heart ya. xo

  3. sarah says:

    it’s ok to be quiet. it’s healthy.

    i, too, have missed your good things lists. i’ve started doing my own.

    we’ll be here when you need to talk. we’ll be here when you need to be quiet.

  4. the stinkowitz says:

    it’s okay to take a break. it’s even okay to scrap it all. but i hope you won’t. you know i love it here… even your reruns are a good thing.

  5. tracy says:

    listen to your husband! he knows what’s best for you!

  6. Kerilyn says:

    i just found your site when I was clicking around at my fave sites… I love your postings! We regular poster women gotta keep it up!.. I think we all have moments when we dont’ want to write anymore.. I guess it helps me remember there are more people NOT writing than writing.. cause exposing ourselves to the world ain’t an easy thing… so yea!

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