are you there, spring? it’s me, christine.

March 4, 2007

At the flea market this morning, while watching flip-flop and tank top clad ladies go by and sneezing up a pollen-filled storm, a hope of mine was confirmed: Spring is coming.

I’m an autumn girl at heart, but Spring has such good timing. She always comes right when I’m ready for it. When I’m tired of layering on the coat and scarf and knee-high socks. When I’m ready to trade the soups and stews for smoothies and salads. When I crave to feel the warm sun on my bare skin. The rain falls one night and the next day Spring is there, the sun shining through puffy clouds against a canvas of perfect blue.


  1. sarah says:

    oh how i wish i was in the same boat … i long for spring at this time of year, but here in hamilton, ontario, canada we still have a few months to go … i would give anything for even one day of spring where the sandles and skirts come out to play … *sigh* that would be heaven on earth right now. but instead we are knee deep in snow and bundled up like you wouldnt believe. enjoy the first signs of spring on my behalf, and i promise to enjoy them when spring does roll around here in canada on your behalf as well !!

  2. stephi says:

    I long for Spring too but each time I think she has arrived in London, it rains and the chills set in…

  3. Claire says:

    Hear, hear! There’s nothing like the first day of the year you walk outside and realize, “Hey, it’s warm! I don’t need this coat anymore.” The smell of blossoms (polleny, but I like it) and sunshine and dirt. Beautiful post!

  4. gypsy says:

    I moved to LA 2 years ago after living in Cape Town and South America.. I come from Amsterdam and would not want to go back to grey skies, cold and rain….

    Even though the winter has not been that harsh in LA I am so so so happy that spring is on the way…. I love wearing my new flip flops… the sun caressing my skin…it’s great… !!!!

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