movin’ on

June 26, 2006

I realized this morning that I’ve gotta move on. I’d been wanting to write all about the wedding — I still might — before going on the honeymoon. But we’ve left and honeymooned our hearts out and come home and now it’s summer and I miss just talking about the little things.

Like the juicy and fragrant summer berries that I love to stir into my yogurt every morning. And the funny tan line I have from wearing my flip-flops all day long. I love reading trashy books and watching blockbuster films during the summer. I love seeing children with two scoops at the ice cream shops. I love the way summer makes you feel young and hopeful and free, even if you’re 30 with bills to pay and a business to run.

I have some grand plans this summer, but for now I just want to celebrate everything between the plans we make.


  1. penelope says:

    I love that about you. :)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Summer always makes me feel like I’ve been re-born. I don’t know if it’s the sunny days or walking barefoot in green grass, but there’s something magical about this time of year. And yes, I agree, it does make one feel young and hopeful–no matter what her age!

  3. Erlina says:

    Hey! Welcome back. I think you should move on over to the phone and call me when things have settled down and you’ve caught up with life. M and I would love to see you guys soon.

  4. muck says:

    i dig ya girl. i was thinking of you yesterday, wondering if you were ok since you haven’t blogged for a while. glad to hear things are good at your end.

    i wish i was living somewhere warm all year around – so that i could feel like this everyday!!

    enjoy your berries :)

  5. Swirly says:

    Very well put. By all means, MOVE ON girlie. :)

  6. stella says:

    you said it, sister!

  7. beejuan says:

    hello! i love how you see joy and beauty in every little detail. it makes me want to do the same too =)

  8. emily ann says:

    reading your thoughts about the little things is always a breath of fresh air. just what i need to remind me of what is important. :)

    congrats on the start of your new life!

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