February 2006

the first day of school

February 27, 2006

Earlier I was transformed into a little girl the night before the first day of school. I’m starting a sewing class tomorrow. It’s just a 6-week course at the local community college, but I am so excited. I went out to the fabric store, braving the rain and the bad drivers, and picked up 3 […]


a sucker

February 14, 2006

I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure I spent many a Valentine in my bedroom, listening to Depeche Mode over and over again, eating the chocolates my mom and dad gave me. I’m not Anti-Valentine’s Day—in fact, I’m very pro-pink and red and white candy heart sappiness—but I do wish I didn’t put […]


as i lay me down to sleep (on a bed of paperwork)

February 8, 2006

I know I have a tendency to make things sound and look pretty. To tie everything in a nice, neat bow. Perfect little packages. But that’s not life. Life is sometimes ugly and messy, stressful and crazed. Wedding planning can be overwhelming. Working from home can get lonely. Transitions, like the ones I am going […]


slowly and surely

February 7, 2006

When people ask me how the wedding plans are coming along all I can think to say is “Slowly but surely.” There are so many things to do, but I can only do so many at a time. So I take it bit by bit, one slow thing at a time. I go to a […]


tagged, again

February 2, 2006

I was tagged by two ladies whose charms I just can’t refuse, so here we go… four jobs i’ve had Barista at Rock N Java Community news reporter for the L.A. Times Gap t-shirt and jeans folder Fact-checker for a local lifestyle mag four movies i could watch over and over Amelie When Harry Met […]


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