r u 4 real?

September 8, 2005

Walking out of the post office this morning, a man wearing a white undershirt and gold chain crossed my path. “Good morning,” he said, as he got closer to me.

“Good morning,” I smiled. I’d been up since 7-something and felt pretty good about the day.

Right as we passed one another, he said: “Here, you need one of these.” I looked down at his hand and saw a slip of paper. In black ballpoint ink, it read “Ron,” with a phone number. Without having time to think, I laughed and said “No, thank you!” He laughed, too, and kept on walking.

In my car, I remembered how my friends and I used to think how funny it would be to have pre-written phone numbers ready for such chance meetings. We didn’t realize that people actually do it.


  1. jenny vorwaller says:

    that is just *too funny* hahaha. the other day i was in the grocery store and some produce guy restocking the aisle said, hello. you are very pretty.

    it was more than akward!

    good thing that ron laughed back! :) you should wear a necklace or tag or button when you’re out…”taken.”

  2. the stinkowitz says:

    i can say this for ron:

    he has great taste in girls.

  3. Lisa says:

    Actually, apparently the new thing for the chic urban woman is to make up personal “business” cards to hand out at just the right moment … my sister and best friend are actually considering doing this.

  4. Sarah says:

    i was trying to cross the road once and a man stopped in the middle of the road for me and held up traffic so my daughter, molly, and i could cross. i was slightly embarrassed by him doing that. then as i cross he shouted: It’s only because you’re pretty! i was even more embarrassed then, but it was nice to get a compliment. :-)

  5. Jennifer says:

    You are an inspiration to me. It truly makes me happy to read what you write. You are one of those “little things” that help me get through day-to-day life. Thank you.

  6. Lurchyboy says:

    I wish some nice girl would stop me in the supermarket and say something like that!

    Maybe I should get the “not taken” t-shirt!

  7. Niamh says:

    I love your work… It’s great. Like Jennifer said, it’s an inspiration. I love seeing such original stuff, I hope to go into art design, I love the imaginative and creative way of thinking. Does anyone agree?

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